Cefixime Trihydrate

Cefixime Trihydrate is prescribed to help treat bacterial infections, such as infections of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, middle ear, etc.

Generic Suprax, Clavatax-O


Zifi, Taxim, Ceftas, Ziprax, Mahacef


FDC, Alkem, Cipla, Lekar Pharma, Aristo, Ranbaxy, Sandoz, Sun Pharma

Tablet, Tablet (DT)

50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg


Cefixime Trihydrate

1. Introduction to Cefixime Trihydrate

Overview and Historical Development

Chemical Composition and Properties

Significance in Modern Medicine

2. Uses of Cefixime Trihydrate

Approved Indications

Spectrum of Bacterial Coverage

Comparison with Other Antibiotics

3. Off-Label Uses of Cefixime Trihydrate

Extended Applications in Infectious Diseases

Investigational Uses in Clinical Trials

Review of Clinical Studies Supporting Off-Label Use

4. How Cefixime Works

Mechanism of Action Against Bacteria

Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics

Factors Influencing Efficacy

5. Dosage and Administration of Cefixime Trihydrate

Dosage Forms Available

Modifications in Dosage (Renal and Hepatic Adjustments)

6. Side Effects of Cefixime Trihydrate

Common Side Effects and Management

Severe Adverse Reactions and Emergency Responses

Long-Term Side Effects and Monitoring

7. Warnings and Precautions with Cefixime Trihydrate

Contraindications for Use

Potential Drug Interactions and Avoidance

Allergic Reactions and Hypersensitivity

8. Special Considerations in Administration

Administration to the Elderly: Adjustments and Risks

Use in Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers: Safety Profile

Pediatric Use: Guidelines and Precautions

9. Overdosage Information

Symptoms of Overdose and Immediate Actions

Treatment Protocols for Overdosage

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