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  • Desogestrel/ Ethinyl Estradiol  Tablets

    Desogestrel/ Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets

    Generic Name: Desogestrel 0.15mg Ethnylestradiol 0.02mg
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 0.15mg/ 0.02mg
  • Desogestrel Tablet

    Desogestrel Tablet

    Generic Name: Desogestrel
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 75mcg
  • Yasmin


    Generic Name: Drospirenone/ Ethinylestradiol
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 3mg / 0.03mg
  • Mirena IUD

    Mirena IUD

    Generic Name: Levonorgestrel
    Form: Intrauterine Device , IUD
    Strength: 1IU
  • Desogestrel-Ethinyl Estradiol

    Desogestrel-Ethinyl Estradiol

    Generic Name:Desogestrel/ Ethinyl Estradiol
    Strength:Desogestrel 0.15mg/ thinyl Estradiol 0.03mg
  • Postinor 2

    Postinor 2

    Generic Name: Levonorgestrel
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 0.75mg
  • Cerazette


    Generic Name: Desogestrel
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 0.075mg
  • Drospirenone, Ethinyl Estradiol

    Drospirenone, Ethinyl Estradiol

    Generic Name: Drospirenone, Ethinyl Estradiol
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 3mg +0.02mg
  • YAZ


    Generic Name: Drospirenone, Ethinylestradiol
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 3.0mg + 0.02mg
  • Nuvaring Vaginal Ring

    Nuvaring Vaginal Ring

    Generic Name: Etonogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
    Form: Vaginal Ring
    Strength: 0.120mg/0.015mg (24hrs)
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  • Multiload Lud

    Multiload Lud

    Generic Name: LUD
    Form: Lud
    Strength: 250mm2, 375 mm2 of copper surface area
    Out of Stock

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