Enuff, Racecadotril
  • Enuff, Racecadotril
  • 消旋卡多曲膠囊

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Enuff, Racecadotril

Racecadotril is used for treatment, control, and prevention of acute diarrhea. Racecadotril reduces the secretion of water and electrolytes from the intestine thus reducing the amount of fluid loss in the body,
US Brand Name Enuff
Generic Name Racecadotril
Other Brand Name Redotil, AD DT
Packing 10
Manufacturer Dr.Reddy's, Hetero Drugs
Form Capsule
Strength 100 mg, 30mg
Country India

  • 10 Capsule 100 mg $7.90
  • 10 Capsule 30 mg $8.30
Available online
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Racecadotril is used in the treatment of acute diarrhoea

How it Works

Racecadotril is known as a prodrug, Racecadotril has an anti-secretory effect as well. Once Racecadotril is inside your body it is broken down into an active ingredient called thiorphan. Thiorphan works by reducing the amount of watery secretions that are produced by your intestines. which then helps to reduce the amount of fluid that your body loses. This reduces the symptoms of diarrhoea and helps reduce the risk of dehydration.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Racecadotril may suffer from such side effects;

Abdominal pain,