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Fabitol Infusion, Mannitol

US Brand Name Fabitol Infusion
Generic Name Mannitol
Other Brand Name Fabitol Infusion
Packing 100 ml
Manufacturer Elkos Healthcare
Form Infusion
Strength 20%
Country India

  • 20% 100 ml Infusion $12.28
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Fabitol Infusion is used in the treatment of Acute renal failure, Cerebral edema and glaucoma.

How it Works

Fabitol Infusion has high osmotic pressure. Fabitol Infusion draws water into the kidney, which in turn increases the amount of urine production. Fabitol Infusion is also used to lower the pressure inside the eye or swelling around the brain.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Fabitol Infusion may suffer from such side effects;