Ferriprox Syrup

Ferriprox Syrup is used for the treatment of excess iron in patients with thalassaemia. Ferriprox Syrup works to remove the excess iron in the body through the stool.




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Ferriprox Syrup is used for the treatment of iron overload which can be caused by blood transfusions in people with thalassemia syndrome.
How it Works
Ferriprox Syrup works by trapping and removing the excess iron in the blood stream. This iron trapped by Ferriprox Syrup is then excreted mainly in the stools. Ferriprox Syrup works to reduce the risk of organ damage.
Common Side effects
Patients who take Ferriprox Syrup may suffer from such side effects; Fatigue, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Joint pain, Headache, Nausea, Black, tarry stools, Chills, Cough, Fever, Diarrhoea

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