Folitrax Injection, Methotrexate

Folitrax Injection


Folitrax Injection

1ml, 2ml

Ipca Laboratories

ampoule, vial

15 mg/mL, 20 mg/mL, 25 mg/mL, 50 mg/2 mL




Folitrax Injection is used in the treatment of blood cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, bone cancer, non-hodgkin lymphoma (nhl), cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and testicular cancer. Folitrax Injection is also used to treat severe psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

How it Works

Folitrax Injection works by interfering with the growth of certain cells of the body, especially cells that reproduce quickly, such as cancer cells, bone marrow cells, and skin cells. Folitrax Injection works in autoimmune diseases by decreasing the activity of body's immune system and prevents the body from attacking itself.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Folitrax Injection can include the symptoms below;

Loss of appetite,
Black, tarry stools,
Blood in the urine or stools,
Bloody vomit,
Joint pain,
Reddening of the skin,
Sores in the mouth or lips,
Swelling of the feet or lower legs,
Abdominal pain,
Increased liver enzymes,

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