Generic Crestor Rosuvastatin: A Boon of Medical Science to Heart Patients

Are you a victim of Type-2 diabetes and high bad cholesterol or LDL-C level? Some studies in the recent past have shown that patients with the above conditions are more likely to suffer from heart attack or stroke. Resorting to a healthy diet and having lots of exercise are what patients do more often to put a control on their mounting bad cholesterol level. However, all these steps may not be sufficient to lower the cholesterol level. That is when patients are advised to consult doctors for prescribed medication.

There is some good news coming your way. The results of a comprehensive study by cardiovascular specialists have confirmed that Crestor (Rosuvastatin) is an effective bad cholesterol-lowering drug for patients with Type-2 diabetes. Truly speaking, Crestor is simply incomparable to any other medicine in terms of its effects on patients. Even 10mg of Rosuvastatin is more powerful than 10mg of Atorvastatin.

The main problem associated with many diabetic patients was that though they were fully aware of their prevailing conditions, they were helpless and couldn’t do anything about their rising levels of bad cholesterol. In spite of their treatment and monitoring for diabetes and glucose control, the cholesterol always hovered above the desirable range. After the arrival of Crestor Rosuvastatin, doctors have got an appropriate medication for bringing all diabetic patients to the intended cholesterol target.

Crestor is usually administered along with diet and regular exercise to decrease LDL level and enhance HDL level. Facts show that taking 10mg of Crestor with proper diet can really bring bad cholesterol down by up to 52 percent. In the meantime, an increase in good cholesterol level by up to 14 percent can also be witnessed. However, these results may differ from patient to patient.

There is hardly any doubt that decreasing bad cholesterol level and controlling diabetic conditions may aid to reduce the possibilities of developing heart disease. Crestor (Rosuvastatin) enhances blood flow and by this means, increases the oxygen supply to heart, brain and other organs of your body. Consequently, it cuts down the chances of angina, heart disease, strokes, heart attacks and other vascular diseases considerably.

Though Crestor is a highly effective medication, not everyone is recommended to take this generic drug. The primary candidates who are not advised to take Crestor include pregnant women, women who may become pregnant in the near future and breastfeeding women. Similarly, patients with liver problems should steer clear of Crestor Rosuvastatin. To dispel any doubt, patients should ask their doctor to do blood tests to keep an eye on their liver condition, both before and during treatment with Crestor. Patients should also inform their doctor regarding any medication they are currently continuing. This is very essential as Rosuvastatin may affect some of your existing medicines.

Patients undertaking Crestor therapy may experience some side effects. There may be undetermined muscle pain and weakness that are rarely occurred, but considered serious side effects. In that case, you must report to your doctor immediately. Some other uncommon side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, muscle aches, weakness and constipation. They are generally mild and likely to fade away after a short span of time.

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