Lanoxin, Digoxin

Lanoxin (Digoxin) is a cardiac glycoside prescribed to treat chronic heart failure or atrial fibrillation and flutter.







0.25 mg




Digoxin is used for the treatment of certain heart problems such as arrhythmias which is also called atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter and heart failure.

How it Works

Digoxin works to strengthen the force of heartbeata, making Digoxin useful in heart failure. Heart failure is a condition in which your heart does not pump blood as strongly as it should. Digoxin also works by slowing down or normalizing the rate at which the heart beats. When heart rate is brought down to normal, heart becomes efficient again and the symptoms improve.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Digoxin can include the symptoms below;

Skin rash,
Slow heart rate,
Visual disturbance,


Lanoxin belongs to one of the cardiac glycosides. It’s a drug used to cure problems related to heart by treating myocardium with specific effects. This drug is derived from Digitalis lanata leaves. With its anti arrhythmic property, it helps to prevent loss of sodium from the heart cells.


This is an amazing drug used to treat problems related to mild and moderate heart failure by increasing ejection fraction in the left ventricle. It also cures problems related to chronic atrial fibrillation. It can maintain steady, strong, and normal heartbeat by specific effects on certain minerals in the heart cells, like sodium and potassium. It limits stress on the heart, resulting in reducing the risks of stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. The strength of the heart will be improved by using this drug. It helps to build capacity needed to exercise, increase walking ability, leads a healthy life, and healthy heart.

Dosage and administration

This drug is available in the form of pills with 0.25mg strength in a single dose. Dosage of Lanoxin has to be personalized individually, depending upon the urgency and patient’s condition, considering their body weight, age, and the state of the kidney (renal function). Dosage suggested at the beginning is only considered as a primary guideline.

Medication has to be maintained everyday at the same time, even if you feel no symptoms and you are fine. Do not take this tablet for a time longer than recommended by your doctor. It should not be taken in a higher or lower dose than suggested. Do frequent blood test and refill your prescription during medication when necessary. This pill is available even with 0.75mg and 1.5mg strength.


Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are to use this medication only if it has been prescribed by the doctor.
Before being prescribed this medication, inform the doctor of your complete medical history, whether you suffer or have suffered from any cancers, liver ailments, kidney disease, diabetes, etc. The doctor would then determine if this medication is right for you.
It is mandatory to tell your doctor that you are taking Digoxin if you are scheduled for a major or minor surgery.

Side effects

If you are allergic to this drug, then some of the common side effects are:

Nausea and vomiting
Prolonged weakness

Some of the serious side effects may occur if the proper dosage is not maintained and they are:

Heart rhythmic problems
Heart block
Eye sight problems
Low platelet count

Immediately consult your doctor if you feel any such side effects to stay safe.

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