Moov Cream


Turpentine Oil/ Nilgiri Oil/ Wintergreen Oil/ Mint Extract



Paras Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser


Wintergreen Oil 15.0%w/w



Moov, Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka phool is used for the relieve of pain, ache, sprain, facial demodicidosis, muscle pains, joint pains, sprains and any other type of pain relieve

How it Works

Moov, Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka phool works by reducing prostaglandin production that is the main cause of pain and inflammation. By reducing the production of prostaglandin the effects of pains can also be reduced. Moov, Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka phool absorbs into the skin at the area applied and it moves deeper into the areas of the body where inflammation is present, it then works to reduce the prostaglandin production in that area of the body.

Common Side effects

Some of the side effects associated with use of  Moov, Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka phool are

RednessBurnsBlisters on area of applicationHowever generally there are no side effects in application of Moov, Wintergreen Tel + Pudina Ka phool


An excellent example of a product which offers the best pain control is Moov. Moov has been popular nowadays because of its efficacy. This is the safest and the most trusted name in cream based painkiller industry. This is a cream which has a combination of camphor, oil of camphor, and other medicinal substance with counterirritant. This soothes painful body conditions, by allowing the dilation of blood vessels with a cooling effect.


Moov (wintergreen) is basically composed of MENTHOL. It comes in the form of a cream which is applied topically. Moov medication contains 1.21 grams of menthol. Among other components it contains are camphor 1.2 grams, oil of camphor 0.18 grams, oleoresin capsicum 0.042 grams, and methyl salicylate 0.48 grams.


This is a cream used to relieve pain in various parts of the body. It is Good for shallow massages for muscular pain and treatment for sprains, fibrosis, rheumatism which is either non-articular or articular sciatica, arthritis, lumbago, muscular strains, and bruises. It is suitable for minor fractures as well. Moov is also called as the specialist for back pain. This drug heals the inflammation and swelling of the nerve causing the pain as well.

Dosage and administration

The product is applied topically. The gel solution is applied three to four times daily or as needed. Apply the product vigorously in the affected area. The spray type Moov should be sprayed on the affected area three to four times with the bottle held at a distance of 5 centimeters from the affected area. Shake the bottle before spraying. The product is available in 40 gm and 100 gm cream tubes. Many patients recommend the product. It has an excellent healing effect which made it the No. 1 pain relieving medicine in the world. It is also good for children with a minimal cream amount use as it must not irritate their skin.


Patients who experience hypersensetivity to this type of drug medicine or any other forms of this product must never apply this product in any case what so ever. The ointment is suitable for use on pregnant women, however, Moov contains camphor which is discouraged to use during pregnancy.

Important Precautions

Ensure the eye never comes in contact with the product as it can cause a burning sensation. Be careful also not to apply the cream on broken skin. If that happens, wash your eyes or skin with running water immediately.

Side effects

Moov can trigger skin allergic reactions or any other form of allergic reactions especially for individuals who have sensitive skin and an allergy to medicine or camphor, so a hypersensitive person must first ask her/his doctor before she/he uses it for treatment


Keep it away from children and pets. Moov should also be kept away from extreme heat and moisture and kept at room temperature.

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