Netupitant/ Palonosetron

Netupitant/ Palonosetron Capsule

Netupitant/ Palonosetron

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Netupitant 300 mg / Palonosetron 0.5 mg


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Palonosetron is used in the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting.
How it Works
Palonosetron is known as an anti-sickness medicine or also known as a serotonin receptor antagonist. Palonosetron works by blocking the effect of a naturally produced chemical in the body, called serotonin. Serotonin is also referred to as 5HT3. Palonosetron inhibits the action of serotonin, a chemical messenger that can trigger nausea and vomiting.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Palonosetron can include the symptoms below; Injection site allergic reaction, Constipation, Fatigue, Headache, Flushing

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