Proctofoam HC Aerosol foam

Proctofoam HC Aerosol Foam (Hydrocortisone Acetate/Pramocaine) is prescribed to alleviate inflammation and itching due to hemorrhoids and other conditions affecting the anal region.

Proctofoam HC

Hydrocortisone Acetate, Pramocaine

Proctofoam HC


Meda Pharma

Aerosol foam

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Hydrocortisone Topical


Hydrocortisone Topical is used in the treatment of allergic disorders and the symptoms it can cause

How it Works

Hydrocortisone topical is known as a topical corticosteroid which is an anti-inflammatory medicine. Hydrocortisone Topical works by reducing the symptoms of allergic disorders such as redness, itching, and swelling.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Hydrocortisone Topical may suffer from such side effects;

Skin irritation,
Skin thinning,
Contact dermatitis

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