Prolutex Injection, Progesterone

Prolutex Injection acts on the lining of the uterus that assists in pregnancy and maintain pregnancy 

Prolutex Injection


Prolutex Injection




25 mg/mL 1 mL


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Prolutex Injection is a medication prescribed to support the luteal phase in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). It contains progesterone as its active component.

The drug acts on the lining of your womb, helping you become and remain pregnant. It may also be prescribed in other clinical situations that need additional progesterone support.


What is Prolutex Injection?

Prolutex Injection is a medication containing progesterone. This hormone works on the lining of your womb to help you become pregnant and remain pregnant.

Prolutex is a prescription medicine and should only be taken under the direction of your physician. Before beginning this medication, be sure to inform your doctor of any other medications you are currently taking or have taken in the past, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements.



Prolutex Injection is an injectable medication used for various conditions. It contains the active ingredient Progesterone.

It is used to treat certain issues, such as uterine bleeding and recurrent miscarriage. Additionally, it helps stimulate the luteal phase.

A randomized, double-blind, parallel-group clinical trial found that patients who received Prolutex experienced similar efficacy and satisfaction rates to those receiving Crinone. However, there were differences in adverse effects; those taking Prolutex reported more administration site pain/erythema as well as vulvar discomforts.



Prolutex Injection is typically administered at a dose of 25 mg once daily, though this can be altered according to each patient's individual needs.

Two studies have explored the pharmacokinetics of Prolutex. The first investigated the effects of both aqueous and oily Prolutex formulations injected either intramuscularly (i.m. or s.c.) in 12 postmenopausal healthy volunteers; results showed similar serum Tmax and Cmax values for both preparations (Table 2).


How it Works

Women undergoing treatment for fertility issues who cannot use or tolerate vaginal preparations can benefit from this remedy. It also works well to alleviate menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

To maximize the benefit of this medication, strictly follow your doctor's instructions. Never exceed the prescribed dose; taking too much can be harmful and lead to dangerous side effects. Recording doses is essential for personal safety as well as keeping track of progress and informing your doctor of any changes.

A wise use of this product is to take its recommended dose on a regular schedule. For instance, you might need to start with a low-dose and gradually increase it over the course of several months or so; be sure to discuss this with your healthcare provider so they can suggest an appropriate starting dose for you.

When planning your medication regimen, take into account any other medications you may be taking, such as supplements and vitamins. For instance, taking vitamin C on a regular basis can improve skin quality and reduce the risk of sunburn; conversely, taking an over-the-counter antihistamine at the same time might prevent an episode of sniffles.


How to Take Prolutex Injection

This medication should only be taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional and never given to children or adolescents.

For most pregnant women, a dose of 25 mg prolutex injection once daily is sufficient until their period has been confirmed as 12 weeks long. If any breakthrough bleeding or spotting occurs during treatment or persists after it has ended, further investigation into the cause should be conducted.

Subcutaneous (under the skin) or intramuscularly (in a muscle). Your doctor or healthcare professional will provide training and advice on how to administer this medication correctly.

Your doctor or healthcare professional will use a syringe and needle to administer the medicine. They first clean the area with an alcohol swab, then let it air-dry.

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