Regamin Suspension
  • Regamin Suspension
  • 维生素D3 /维生素B6 /烟酰胺/维生素B12 /锌/锰/钼/硒/碘/生物素/铬/β-胡萝卜素制剂2.5%/赖氨酸盐酸盐/肌醇 悬浮液

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Regamin Suspension

Regamin Suspension is a multivitamin and multi mineral nutritional supplement which works to provide essential nutrients to the human body
US Brand Name Regamin Suspension
Generic Name Vitamin D3/ Vitamin B6/ Niacinamide/ VitaminB12/ Zinc/ Manganese/ Molybdenum/ Selenium/ Iodine/ Biotin/ Chromium/ Beta Carotene Preparation 2.5%/ Lysine Hydrochloride/ Myo-Iositol
Other Brand Name Regamin Suspension
Packing 1
Manufacturer Vilberry Healthcare
Form Suspension
Strength Vitamin D3 200IU/ Vitamin B6 1mg/ Niacinamide 15mg/ VitaminB12 1mcg/ Zinc 3mg/ Manganese 0.8mg/ Molybdenum 8mcg/ Selenium 10mcg/ Iodine 50mcg/ Biotin 10mcg/ Chromium 10mcg/ Beta Carotene Preparation 2.5% 38mg/ Lysine Hydrochloride 38mg/ Myo-Iositol 10mg

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