Vitiligo, here comes Monobenzone Benoquin Cream

A lot of people around the globe are suffering from a condition called Vitiligo, a skin disease characterized by a loss of pigment at certain areas of the skin which is the result of the deposition of melanin in our skin. This is a common, often inherited disorder and people with Vitiligo may have abnormalities especially in the eye. Vitiligo not only affects the skin since there are reports that show a higher incidence of diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease and pernicious anemia among others. To be more specific, 1 to 2 percent of the world’s population is affected with this disease and this chooses no race and gender. This disease begins at any age but majority of people who have this acquired it before their twenties. The symptoms of this disease, which is depigmentation, is commonly observed on the parts of the body which are most frequently exposed to the sun although depigmentation occurs in any part of the body. Those with darker skin types are more prone to this disease. Yet despite the genetic transmission and the probable causes of acquiring this disease, there is already a solution for this. It’s Monobenzone Benoquin Cream. So how does Monobenzone Benoquin Cream work? Basically, this cream works by slowing down the deposition of melanin produced by the melanocytes. Through this, the skin gets back its lost melanin and gives color to the skin. But there’s more. Monobenzone, the profuse component found in this cream, makes the skin lighter and repairs the skin hastily with permanence. Naturally, it has certain properties in its composition which aids it to lighten the skin and help improve melanin regeneration. To individuals with Vitiligo, apply a thin amount of Monobenzone Benoquin Cream to the depigmented areas of the body twice or thrice a day. Be sure that this cream is applied evenly to the affected areas or this may cause white patches. Also, never experiment in applying the amount of this cream to the affected areas. Maintain the right amount of cream every time you apply it on your skin. If used constantly with caution, this cream would surely bring good results within three to four months. A thing to remember: Use a sunscreen lotion when going out or when you will be exposed to sunlight because the skin becomes sensitive upon using this cream. Or if possible, minimize doing outdoor activities while under treatment. This may make individuals with Vitiligo rejoice by now. Well, it’s okay and it is expected that best results are sure to surface as long as proper procedures are applied. The effectiveness of this cream depends on three factors: the dosage, application and authenticity of the product. The first two considerations are explained above. Authenticity must also be considered because there are some producers who are just faking this product by just extracting the lightening property of the Monobenzone and copying the product name but actually has no healing value for Vitiligo. To be sure of genuine Benoquin Cream products, buy at legal drugstores and pharmacies. General precaution must also be considered when using this product. Consult your doctor first before using this cream. You may have current conditions or medical histories which may hamper the positive effects of this cream and may cause serious reactions to your body. Keep also in mind that this cream is only used to treat Vitiligo alone. Never apply to any skin condition even if it’s a mild skin allergy. Side effects like burning sensation, peeling and cracking of the skin, and dryness and irritation of the skin are normal. When other reactions occur, consult a doctor at once. Never take for granted the other reactions for this may cause serious complications.

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