Benoquin, Monobenzone Cream

Benoquin Topical Cream (Monobenzone) is prescribed for permanent depigmentation in extensive vitiligo.

Benoquin Cream


Benoquin Cream


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Benoquin, Monobenzone Cream is used for the treatment of Vitiligo

How it Works

Benoquin, Monobenzone Cream works by increasing the excretion of melanin from the melanocytes.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Benoquin, Monobenzone Cream can include the symptoms below;

Cracking or peeling of the treated skin,
Mild burning,

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Posted by Ogelsby on Dec 13, 2019 Verified Purchase


I have been using for years. It's great

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I just want to thank buy pharma for great customer service. I have used this product for years and I have always been pleased with theresults. I have been ordering this from buy pharma for years and they have always been so helpful. Your are a great company to do business with. Thank you 

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Benoquin cream

Works great, just be patient it took 6 to 9 months to remove pigment spots I had. Now I'm all one colt not spotted.

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Excellent quality fast shipping and I just love ordering from you all. Tm very happy with your service.i would recommend you all to everyone.

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I received my order within just a few days, which was indeed a blessing since this products is very effective yet difficult to find locally.

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Great product at a good price

This product works exactly as intended, and is priced competitively. Will definitely purchase again.

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Benoquin works for me

Benoquin works for skin pigmentation loss. Meaning my skin tone evens out and Discoloration is minimized.

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Fast Shipping overseas.

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I have ordered this product more than once and will continue to do so. Excellent product. 5 Stars!

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Benoquin review

Product is used for viteligo and does a good job of eliminating tanned spots by setting up a response against melanocytes. The price is very reasonable and shipping was timely. I would like to see the company set up some purchase price where shipping would be free. I might be tempted to buy other products.

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Posted by Alessandra on Jan 10, 2018 Verified Purchase

Great service

Great product, I am at the end of my treatement and know to product very well. The time of treatement will depends of your "starting point", if you are already very depigmented from vitiligo, will be faster, if you have a lot to depigment can take up to 2 years, Just be consistent. It will work.

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Fast working

When used as directed, this product works quickly and effectively.

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Works Great

I use this product for Vitiligo spots. I have had this condition for many years. When it became way too expensive to purchase in the U.S I started getting it from Buy Pharma. Works perfectly. These people are awesome! And very professional. You are appreciated.

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Product review

Great Product! Awesome customer service!

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benoquin, monobenzone review

I have been a customer for a while now, and I must say that I'm quite pleased with the quality of the products as well as with the excellent customer care.

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I find that this cream works to brighten dark spots. I have been ordering this cream for many years.

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Where to buy Benoquin cream?

To obtain Benoquin cream legally it must be obtained through an authorized pharmacy with either an online or physical store presence; however keep in mind that this is considered a prescription medication requiring the approval of your physician beforehand. If not purchased from trustworthy outlets who follow proper protocol for prescribing medications like these can lead you down the path of buying counterfeit goods which may cause unexpected side effects and mixed results.

Where can I buy Benoquin cream?

For those in need of Benoquin cream—which can only be acquired through a prescription—it can be purchased at any authorized or licensed physical pharmacy location. Additionally, several virtual pharmacies carry this product for sale. Regardless of where one chooses to buy this medication though, it's imperative that the chosen vendor is reputable and demands prescriptions before handing over their goods.

How to get Benoquin cream?

Claiming your very own Benoquin cream requires some legwork on your part. Namely seeing a healthcare provider and receiving a prescription. Then you're able to buy it at any licensed pharmacy nearby. Remember, following your healthcare providers advice is key in using Benoquin cream effectively.

What is Benoquin?

Vitiligo can be frustrating and embarrassing for those experiencing it, but thankfully there are treatment options available like Benoquin. Through its active ingredient monobenzone, this topical cream helps by permanently removing color from the normal skin around patches of vitiligo-affected skin. It's a trusted choice for many who want to alleviate their symptoms.

Benoquin cream 60 buy online?

Purchasing the specific Benoquin cream version (60mg) through various online pharmacies won't be difficult if you know where to look. Nonetheless, consider this medicine as requiring a legitimate prescription signed only by certified healthcare providers before buying any quantity or dosage amount. To avoid any risks while transacting virtually with these drugstores, make sure they possess positive ratings and reviews from their customers - indicating they are reputable and genuine in conducting their business operations.

How long does Benoquin take to work?

The time frame in which Benoquin takes effect varies based on its users and the severity level of their vitiligo condition. Although consistent application can yield noticeable changes within several months it is essential to have a medical expert oversee ones usage for the best possible outcomes.

How to use Benoquin cream?

Correct usage of Benoquin cream is key in achieving effective results; therefore stick closely with your healthcare professionals application instructions regarding timing and method. Apply accordingly on affected areas of skin two times per day only. Keep in mind that treated skin may become more sensitive to sunburns; refrain from being exposed under direct sunlight. Pre- and post application hygiene is vital- ensure you wash your hands meticulously every time you apply or finish using the product.

What is Benoquin cream used for?

Vitiligo can be tough on your self esteem and confidence levels but there are solutions out there like Benoquin cream that can help address it head on. With this medication you can work towards restoring lost patches of color on your skin thanks to its unique formulation centered around monobenzone - an agent that promotes free radical build up within melanocyte cells present beneath your epidermis layer. Over time using Benoquin cream leads to irreversible cell death eventually leading up to successful pigment disappearance .

What does Benoquin do?

Benoquin functions effectively due to its ability to bring about depigmentation in the skin via its active constituent named monobenzone. With this ingredient causing damage to melanocytes that create the pigmentation referred to as melanin the focus primarily lies on treating Vitiligo. Its purpose here is leveling out coloration through targeted depigmentation around areas affected by Vitiligo patches.

Is Benoquin a bleaching cream?

While Benoquin can be categorized as a skin bleaching cream it should be noted that it functions differently from conventional beauty products. The reason is that its key ingredient is Monobenzone - this permanently lightens the complexion rather than merely providing temporary results. It is typically given to those with vitiligo so they may attain an unvarying and consistent color of their skin.

Is Benoquin cream safe?

Typically speaking, using Benoquin cream under the supervision of a healthcare specialist doesn't pose much danger. Having said that though - there are instances where you could suffer from slight discomforts such as burning sensations or itchiness while on this medication. Admittedly rare - but still possible - are more serious complications like skin discoloration or blistering episodes which should be taken seriously if you happen to experience them while using Benoquin cream for treating vitiligo or other skin conditions . In light of this information provided here today: always make sure you consult first with a medical expert before starting on any new medications!

How does Benoquin cream work?

In simple terms Benoquin cream works through the destruction of melanocytes - cells that create pigmentation in our skin known as melanin. This results in depigmentation and enables successful treatment of vitiligo; a condition marked by unpigmented patches on the skin.

How quickly does Benoquin work?

Its essential to note that Benoquin can work differently from one individual to another and depend on the extent of their vitiligo. While some users may notice results within several months of consistent use others might take longer or not see any change at all. Consulting with your healthcare provider at frequent intervals is crucial in effectively monitoring progress and modifying treatment plans if needed.

Can I use Benoquin?

Given its powerful effects Benoquin demands close monitoring as it has the potential to induce irreversible skin depigmentation. It is usually reserved for individuals with a vitiligo diagnosis and should only be taken while under the careful direction and oversight of a healthcare provider. If you believe this medication could help alleviate your symptoms seek out advice from your doctor.

Is Monobenzone harmful?

By following a healthcare provider's guidelines for usage, Monobenzone (which serves as Benoquin's primary ingredient) should pose little risk to users' health and wellbeing. That said- common with any medication- certain adverse responses are possible . Symptoms like inflammation or sensations of itchiness/burning may arise near areas where the drug was applied; yet serious after-effects are infrequent occurrences nonetheless.

Is Monobenzone permanent?

Monobenzone effects are permanent due to its capacity to induce irreparable damage to melanocytes -the cells that generate skin pigment- leading to complete depigmentation of affected areas. For this reason, the product is primarily prescribed for vitiligo patients who need assistance with evening out uneven pigmentation.

How does Monobenzone work?

By targeting melanocytes - the key players in melanin synthesis - Monobenzone effectively inhibits pigmentation while also inducing depigmentation. Through this process treated areas of skin lose their natural color permanently.

How long does Monobenzone take to work?

The efficacy of Monobenzone varies widely from one person to another, being determined by the magnitude and location of their vitiligo patches. Certain people might start observing skin color changes after a few months of applying this medication consistently. Throughout treatment, maintaining frequent consultations with your healthcare provider is crucial since they help monitor progress.

What is Monobenzone?

The treatment for vitiligo involves using Benoquin cream which contains Monobenzone as its active ingredient. This compound triggers permanent destruction of melanocytes present in the skin which are responsible for producing natural pigments. As a result people experience significant loss of color on their skin patches.

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