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Anti-Thyrox, Carbimazole

US Brand Name Anti-Thyrox
Generic Name Carbimazole
Other Brand Name Anti-Thyrox
Packing 100
Manufacturer Macleods Pharmaceuticals
Form tablet
Strength 10mg
Country India

  • 10mg 100 tablet $31.78
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Anti-Thyrox is used in the treatment of overactive thyroid gland which causes hyperthyroidism.

How it Works

Anti-Thyrox is known as an Antithyroid medicine. Anti-Thyrox is used to treat an overactive thyroid gland which is also known as hyperthyroidism, or thyrotoxicosis. Anti-Thyrox is used medicine for hyperthyroidism. Anti-Thyrox works by reducing the amount of thyroid hormones which thyroid gland makes in the body.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Anti-Thyrox can include the symptoms below;

Skin rash,
Joint stiffness,
Skin pigmentation,
Hair loss.