Aptizooom Syrup

Aptizoom Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine made for children as an appetite simulator. Aptizoom Syrup works to promote a healthy appetite and also supports digestion to allow body to absorb and utilize the nutrients more efficiently

Aptizooom Syrup

Shatavari extract, Vidanga extract, Gajapipali, Bhringaraja extract, Shunthi extract, Ajmoda extract, Twak extract, Tamal patra extract, Pippali mool extract

Aptizooom Syrup


Charak Pharma


Shatavari extract 100 mg, Vidanga extract 50 mg, Gajapipali 25 mg, Bhringaraja extract 25 mg, Shunthi extract 25 mg, Ajmoda extract 15 mg, Twak extract 15 mg, Tamal patra extract 15 mg, Pippali mool extract 15 mg


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