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Ciladuo, Cilnidipine

US Brand Name Ciladuo
Generic Name Cilnidipine
Other Brand Name Ciladuo
Packing 10
Manufacturer Abbott
Form Tablet
Strength 5mg, 10mg

  • 10 tab 5 mg $4.22
  • 10 tab 10 mg $6.45
Available online
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  • Ciladuo, Cilnidipine 10mg tablets

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Ciladuo is used in the treatment of hypertension.

How it Works

Ciladuo is known as a calcium channel blocker.Ciladuo is given to patients who have a higher risk of vascular damage caused by hypertension. Ciladuo blocks the action of calcium on the heart and blood vessels. This then lowers the blood pressure, abnormally fast heartbeat and reduces strain on the heart following a heart attack.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Ciladuo may suffer from such side effects;

Trouble breathing,
Low blood pressure,
Ankle swelling,