Glumak Injection, Glutathione

Glumak Injection


Glumak Injection



Injection vial

600 mg




Glumak Injection is an antioxidant which is important in providing building blocks of proteins and cells, supports healthy immune function, breaking down free radicals, assists in generating vitamins C and E and also detoxifies the body. Glumak Injection Injection is also used to prevent anemia in patients undergoing dialysis. Glumak Injection Injection also has anti pigment properties which works in the skin lightening process. 

How it Works

Glumak Injection which as an antioxidant, helps the body  maintain physical health is by neutralizing free radicals, which can cause cellular damage through oxidation Glumak Injection works by assisting the body’s machinery in the removal of harmful destructive oxygen containing molecules. Glumak Injection encourages the T-cell function in the immune system which is essential to maintain health. Glumak Injection is necessary for the synthesis of one third of the human body's proteins therefore it is very important. Glumak Injection  works to improve skin elasticity and allows amelioration of wrinkles

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Glumak Injection include the symptoms below;

- Fatigue
- Nausea
- Pain in the veins
- Low blood pressure

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