Generic Viboliv, Metadoxine

Metadoxine is prescribed to help treat fatty liver caused by acute and chronic alcoholism or other factors.

Generic Viboliv, EXTOL




Dr. Reddy's, GSK, Cipla, Sun Pharma


500 mg




Metadoxine is used in the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases, alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver.

How it Works

Metadoxine works by Increasing the alcohol elimination from the blood and tissues, thus preventing liver damage.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Metadoxine can include the symptoms below;

Hair loss,
Abdominal pain,


Metadoxine is a pyridoxine-pyrrolidone carboxylate derivative. The drug improves the clinical signs of acute and chronic alcohol intoxication and improves alcohol clearance from the blood.


This medicine containing the active ingredient, Metadoxine, is a hepatoprotective agent used for the treatment of a fatty liver caused by alcoholism. The medication helps decrease the signs of alcohol abuse from the blood and tissues to help restore the functional structure of the liver and relieve the psychological disorders associated with alcohol intoxication. The medicine further prevents liver degeneration by preventing the onset of conditions such as hepatitis. The medicine is also used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, common in younger children with the symptoms of hyperactivity and difficulty in focusing.

The mechanism of action is that the drug accelerates the rate at which alcohol and other toxic substances gets transformed into acetaldehyde and is then excreted in urine. It is also an anti fibrotic agent and prevents the collagen synthesis, thereby fibrosis of the hepatic cells.

Dosage and administration

This medicine should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor to get the maximum benefits. The dosage depends on the condition being treated and  the general medical condition of the patient. In case of liver damage, the normally recommended dose is one or two tablets (500 mg) to be taken daily. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 1000 mg. The medicine should be taken with a full glass of water. Take the tablet as a whole and do not break or crush it. The tablet can be taken with or without food, however, it is advised that the medicine is to be taken with food since it prevents the onset of gastric problems. It is important to maintain the drug concentration at equal levels throughout the day. It is advised to take the medicine at the same time of the day and at regularly spaced intervals. Also, do not stop taking the drug once you start feeling better, otherwise there are chances that the symptoms may return and be more severe. Complete the full prescribed drug course.


This medicine is not suitable for everyone. Consult the doctor regarding your medical condition like any history of liver disease or kidney disease, and allergies to any medication or food. Inform the doctor about all the prescribed and non prescribed medicine that you have been taking.
Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are to use this medication only if it has been prescribed by the doctor.
In case of an allergic reaction like chest pain, swelling and skin rashes, hives, breathing problems or difficulty swallowing, discontinue the drug and immediately proceed to the nearest emergency care.

Side effects

Fever with chills
Sore throat

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