Ocurest Eye Drop, Naphazoline/ Phenylephrine

Ocurest Eye Drop is used to relieve redness and also eye irritations. Ocurest Eye Dro is a sympathomimetic amine where it works to narrow the blood vessels in the eye.

Ocurest Eye Drop

Naphazoline/ Phenylephrine

Ocurest Eye Drop


Centaur Pharma

Eye Drop

Naphazoline 0.05% w/v / Phenylephrine 0.12% w/v




Naphazoline is used for the relief of minor eye redness or discomfort caused by minor irritants.

How it Works

Naphazoline is a vasoconstrictor. Naphazoline works by narrowing blood vessels in the eyes to reduce eye redness and swelling.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Naphazoline can include the symptoms below;

Dilatation of pupil

Phenylephrine topical


Phenylephrine is used for pupil dilation and the treatment of nasal congestion.

How it Works

Phenylephrine works by narrowing and shrinking the small blood vessels in the nasal passages. Phenylephrine provides temporary relief from congestion or stuffiness in the nose. Phenylephrine topical for the eye works to relieve eye redness, burning, dryness and irritation caused by external irritants.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Phenylephrine can include the symptoms below

Increased blood pressure,
Increased heart rate,
Heart beat irregular

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