Placentrex Injection
  • Placentrex Injection
  • Placentrex Injection

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Placentrex Injection

Placentrex Injection is used to assist in the treatment and healing of wounds.Placentrex Injection has anti-microbial properties that work against many pathological organisms therefore prevents infection. Placentrex Injection also works to increase the blood flow and hormones towards the wound site which promotes tissue regeneration and allows faster wound healing preventing scars.

US Brand Name Placentrex Injection
Generic Name Human Placenta
Other Brand Name Placentrex Injection
Packing 14 ampules
Manufacturer Albert David Ltd
Form Ampules
Strength 0.1gm/ml 2ml ampule
Country India

  • 7 Ampules 0.1 gm /ml 2ml Ampule $19.00
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