Selamec Spot on

Selamec Spot on  is used for the treatment of fleas, ticks, mites, lice, heartworms, hookworms and roundworms.

Selamec Spot on


Selamec Spot on


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Selamec Spot on For Dogs & Cats

Selamec Spot On For Dogs & Cats contains selamectin to effectively treat both external and internal parasites in pets like fleas, ticks, tick-borne ear mites, lice, heartworms etc. Available in multiple variants depending on body weight; use once every four weeks to maintain health in your dogs and cats - purchase online through Buy Pharma as they offer everything your pets require!

What are the uses of Selamec Spot on?

Selamec Spot On is an effective and safe solution for dogs & cats of all ages, featuring selamectin as a broad-spectrum insecticide to kill fleas, ticks, mites. Furthermore, separate versions exist depending on the body weight of both dog or cat when purchasing product(s). Before using any product, carefully read its label before purchasing its content(s).

What is the recommended dosage of Selamec Spot on?

Available in various dosages based on body weight of your pet and with multiple uses against external and internal parasites, including hookworms, ear mites and roundworms, it eliminates external deworming while simultaneously treating internal ones like hookworms with interior tick treatments from being needed separately - buy it online from buy Pharma pet store today!

This product is safe for dogs & cats and should be administered regularly for optimal results.

What is the mechanism of action of Selamec Spot on?

Petcare cargill Selamec Spot On for Dogs & Cats contains selamectin as the active ingredient to effectively treat and prevent parasitic infestations of both ectoparasites and endoparasites, making this tropical spot-on formulation fast acting in terms of both fleas, ticks, ear mites lice hookworms roundworms and heartworms. Buy Selamec Spot On Online today to keep your pets free of fleas, ticks pests!

How does Selamec Spot on work?

Selamec Spot on is an effective solution for both external parasites (fleas, ticks, mites and lice) and endoparasites (hookworms, roundworms and heartworms). It contains selamectin as its active ingredient, which effectively treats both internal and external parasites, making it safe for dogs of all weight classes, from puppies through kittens aged three months or above. Apply it around your pet's neck or spine - this will prevent flea eggs from laying while simultaneously killing them before hatching thus helping your pet enjoy a happy life free from worry about parasites!

How to take Selamec Spot on?

Just read and follow all label instructions before giving it to your cat or dog!

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