Bitozed Forte

Bitozed Forte is a multivitamin supplement that helps in strengthening blood vessels to help with blood flow in the body. Bitozed Forte assists in maintaining cardiovascular health.

Bitozed Forte

Pine bark extract/ Vitamin B5/ Inositol/ Biotin/ Zinc/ Manganese/ Selenium/ L-Cysteine/ DL-Methionine/ L-Lysine

Bitozed Forte


Alkem Laboratories


Pine bark extract 10 mg / Vitamin B5 100 mg / Inositol 25 mg / Biotin 10 mg / Zinc 30 mg / Manganese 2 mg / Selenium 75 mcg / L-Cysteine 50 mg / DL-Methionine 50 mg / L-Lysine 50 mg

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