Dibucaine Ear Drops
  • Dibucaine Ear Drops
  • 丁卡因, 甘油,二羟甲基脲, 聚乙二醇 耳朵滴剂

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Dibucaine Ear Drops

US Brand Name Dibucaine Ear Drops
Generic Name Dibucaine, Glycerin, Dihydroxymethylcarbamide, Polyethylene glycol
Other Brand Name Otogesic
Packing 5 ml
Manufacturer J&J, Janssen Pharma
Form Ear Drops
Strength 1.1%w/w
Country India

  • Ear Drops 5 ml 1.1% $5.90
Available online
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  • Otogesic Ear Drops and dropper

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