Hemobest Pet Syrup

Hemobest Pet Syrup is a highly palatable hematinic syrup containing iron that helps in flea and worm infectations 

Hemobest Pet Syrup

Elemental iron/ L-Methyl Folate/ Vitamin B12/ Vitamin B1/ Vitamin B2/ Vitamin B3 / Vitamin B5/ Vitamin B6/ Elemental Copper

Hemobest Pet Syrup


TTK Healthcare

Syrup for Pets

Elemental iron 33 mg / L-Methyl Folate 35 mcg / Vitamin B12 2.5 mcg / Vitamin B1 1 mg / Vitamin B2 1 mg / Vitamin B3 10 mg / Vitamin B5 5 mg / Vitamin B6 1 mg / Elemental Copper 0.7 mg