Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension 

Kiwof Puppy Oral SuspensionKiwof Puppy Oral Suspension is a dewormer for dogs. Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension works for the treatment and prevention against all kind of worms such as hook worms and whip worms.Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension paralysis the worm infection.

Generic Drontal

Pyrantel Pamoate/ Febantel

Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

15 ml

Sava Healthcare

Oral Suspension for Puppies

Pyrantel Pamoate14.4 mg/mL / Febantel 15 mg/mL


Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension 

What is Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension is a formulated pharmaceutical product aimed at deworming puppies. It provides a palatable way to administer the medication to young dogs, ensuring effectiveness and seamless inclusion in daily pet care routines.

Deworming puppies is crucial for;

  • Preventing issues that are common in infested puppies.
  • Supporting health, growth, and development by eliminating parasites that drain essential nutrients from the host.
  • Lowering the risk of worm transmission to humans in households with young children.


Composition of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

The main components and functions of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension involve ingredients like pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel, which are effective against a wide range of worms. Pyrantel pamoate works by blocking the worms neuromuscular function causing paralysis and aiding in their removal from the hosts body.

On the other hand, praziquantel disrupts the parasite's outer layer, causing it to break down within the host system. Additionally, other additives in this product serve important purposes beyond just adding volume. These include stabilizers, preservatives, and flavor enhancers that improve the product's shelf life, taste, and overall appeal. This ensures that administering the suspension is easy and successful for owners.


How Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension Works

Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension works in two ways to combat worms: by targeting the worms' nerves and muscles and by covering them externally. This method immobilizes the parasites and disrupts their structure, effectively removing them from the animal's body. The medication is effective against types of worms commonly found in puppies, such as:

  • Roundworms (Ascarids)
  • Hookworms that can lead to anemia
  • Tapeworms are typically transmitted through fleas or the environment
  • Whipworms are less common but still harmful to a puppy's well-being


Dosage and Administration

Dosage recommendations for Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension are carefully adjusted according to the puppy's age and weight to ensure safety and effectiveness. The dosage is typically measured in milliliters per kilogram of body weight, with instructions tailored to the puppy's different developmental stages. Pet owners must consult a veterinarian for the dosage that suits their pet's requirements.

Here's a guide on how to give the suspension:

1. Shake the bottle before each use to mix the suspension evenly.

2. Use the dosing syringe provided to measure out the recommended amount of suspension.

3. Place the syringe tip between the puppy's cheek and gums.

4. Slowly dispense the suspension, allowing the puppy to swallow naturally.

5. Make sure all medication is given and watch your puppy for a few minutes afterward to prevent any issues, like regurgitation.


Uses of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension is mainly used to prevent and treat worm infections in puppies. By controlling the parasite populations in the host, it helps manage and reduce health issues caused by these infestations.

This medication offers protection against different parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms, safeguarding puppies from common harmful parasites that can affect them in their early stages of life.


Off-Label Uses of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

In addition to its approved uses, Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension may be utilized off-label by professionals to address parasitic infections in various small animals. However this practice should only be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified veterinarian ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards and ethics of veterinary care.

Recent research has explored the expanded applications of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension in treating parasitic infections that extend beyond the usual targets. These studies have looked at its effectiveness against common parasites and, in different animal species, offering a more comprehensive insight into the suspension's pharmacodynamics and potential uses in veterinary practice.


Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

After giving Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension, it's essential to watch out for some side effects that usually go away on their own. These might include stomach issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and occasional tiredness. Its recommended to keep an eye on your puppy after giving the medication to ensure these mild reactions don't worsen.

In rare cases, more serious reactions could occur, so it's crucial to be alert for signs like difficulty breathing, excessive drooling, skin rashes, or collapsing. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek veterinary care to prevent any potentially dangerous situations.


Important Precautions in Using Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension

When giving Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension,  following safety guidelines to prevent accidents is essential.

  • Remember to wear gloves to avoid touching the medication directly on your skin.
  • Be cautious not to inhale or let the medication contact your eyes or mucous membranes.
  • After handling the medication, make sure to wash your hands

It's crucial to consider the impact when disposing of veterinary medicines like Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension. To minimize risks, ensure that medication is not disposed of in household drains or toilets. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian or pharmacy for disposal methods, such as returning unused or expired medicines, for safe disposal.


Contraindications and Warnings

Situations where it's not recommended to use Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension include puppies less than two weeks old or weighing less than two pounds. Moreover, it should not be used in animals with known sensitivities to the ingredients or additives in the formula.

Specific cautions apply to breeds like Collies, Shelties, and similar breeds that may be more prone to adverse reactions from certain parasiticides present in Kiwof due to genetic mutations. It's essential to delve into their background and possibly conduct genetic testing before giving them this medication for safety measures. Additionally, consulting a vet is crucial for puppies with health conditions to determine the best parasite control approach based on their overall health.


Careful Administration Considerations

When giving Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension to dog breeds like herding dogs that may have a genetic predisposition to drug sensitivity, extra care must be taken. It's recommended to start the treatment with the guidance of a vet and begin with a dose to check how well the dog tolerates it before moving on to the total dose.

Keeping an eye on the dog after giving the medication to spot and deal with any adverse reactions quickly is essential. Any signs of distress, unusual behavior, or hypersensitivity symptoms should be noted down and reported to a vet. Having an emergency plan for severe reactions is vital, highlighting the need for immediate veterinary help.


Interactions with Other Medications

When giving Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension to a puppy, it's essential to be aware of interactions with other common medications like antiparasitics, antibiotics, or immunosuppressants. These interactions could change how well the medications work or increase the likelihood of side effects. It's crucial to have an understanding of all the medications the puppy is currently taking to prevent harmful drug interactions.

Managing medications in puppies requires a careful and coordinated approach. Seek advice from a veterinarian to create a treatment plan that considers all medicines. Regular checkups and adjusting doses based on how the puppy responds to treatment can help reduce the risks of giving medications at once.


Administration to Special Populations

Guidelines for nursing dogs

When giving medications to pregnant or nursing dogs, it's essential to be extra cautious to protect the health of the offspring. Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension should only be used after consulting with a veterinarian to assess whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks. It's essential to consider the possible impact on fetal development or nursing puppies compared to the advantages of the treatment.

Adjusting medication for dogs

Older dogs may have different physical abilities and processes for medications than younger ones. To ensure safety and effectiveness, it's crucial to adjust the dosage of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension based on their decreased organ function or other health issues.

Effectiveness in Young Puppies

When using Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension on young puppies, it's essential to assess its safety and effectiveness thoroughly. Due to their developing organ systems and immune status, dosing protocols should be cautiously performed under veterinary supervision. Tailoring treatments according to these young animals' needs and health conditions is essential, with proper veterinary oversight.


Overdose Information

Signs of overdose and immediate actions to take

An overdose of Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension may manifest through exacerbated side effects such as severe vomiting, diarrhea, or neurological symptoms, including tremors or seizures. If an overdose is suspected, it is crucial to cease administration immediately and contact a veterinarian. Rapid intervention is essential to prevent more severe complications.

Long-term management of an overdose situation

Long-term management following an overdose involves close monitoring of the puppy's health status by veterinary professionals. Supportive care, such as fluid therapy and medications to control symptoms, may be necessary, depending on the severity of the situation. Follow-up visits to assess recovery and prevent recurrence are advisable.


Storage Requirements

The best way to store Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension is in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. To maintain its effectiveness, the bottle should be kept tightly sealed when not in use. The ideal storage temperature usually falls between 15°C and 25°C.

Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension typically has a shelf life of around two years from the manufacturing date under storage conditions. Once it expires, it should not be used. It must be disposed of correctly. For guidance on safe disposal, consult a veterinarian or local waste management service.


Handling Precautions

It's essential to handle Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension to prevent accidents. Always wear gloves, wash your hands after giving the medication, and avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. If theres a spill clean it up away using water and disinfectants.

When disposing of expired Kiwof Puppy Oral Suspension, make sure to do so correctly to protect the environment and prevent unintended exposure. Don't throw it in the trash or flush it down the drain; instead, consider using pharmacy take-back programs or following community guidelines for waste disposal.

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