• Maxizym
  • 淀粉酶/蛋白酶/葡糖淀粉酶/果胶酶/α半乳糖苷酶/乳糖酶/β葡聚糖酶/纤维素酶/脂肪酶/菠萝蛋白酶/木聚糖酶/半纤维素酶/麦芽淀粉酶/转化酶/木瓜蛋白酶/植酸酶 胶囊

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Maxizym is used for the relieve of swelling in the abdomen. painful pressure and other conditions. Maxizym works to improve nutrition absorption and utilization.
US Brand Name Maxizym
Generic Name Amylase/ Protease/ Glucoamylase/ Pectinase/ Alpha Galactosidase/ Lactase/ Beta glucanase/ Cellulase/ Lipase/ Bromelain/ Xylanase/ Hemicellulase/ Malt diastase/ Invertase/ Papain/ Phytase
Other Brand Name Maxizym
Packing 10
Manufacturer Fourrts India Laboratories
Form Capsules
Strength Amylase 20000DU/ Protease 50000HUT/ Glucoamylase 45AGU/ Pectinase 52endo PGU/ Alpha Galactosidase 225 Gal U/ Lactase 1000ALU/ Beta glucanase 30BGU/ Cellulase 1000CU/ Lipase 1000FIP/ Bromelain 125000FCCPU/ Xylanase 600XU/ Hemicellulase 400HCU/ Malt diastase 200DP/ Invertase 200SU/ Papain 16000 FCCPU/ Phytase 300PU

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