Melbild Solution, Deca Peptide

Melbild Solution is used for the treatment of vitiligo.Melbild Solution is a repigmenting agent that works to cause migration of skin cells or melanocytes from the area of skin surrounding the vitiligo patch of skin.

Melbild Solution

Deca Peptide

Melbild Solution

2ml, 5ml

Alkem Laboratories


1 mg/mL

Deca Peptide


Melbild Solution is used in the treatment of Vitiligo.

How it Works

Deca peptide works by stopping the activity of chemicals in the body which are causing redness and swelling of skin causing loss of skin color.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Melbild Solution may suffer from such side effects;

Dry skin,
Skin irritation,
Burning sensation

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