Reziz, Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine
  • Reziz, Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine
  • 磺胺嘧啶,乙胺嘧啶片

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Reziz, Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine

Combination of Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine medication is used in the treatment of malarial infections. Sulphadoxine is an antibiotic which prevents bacterial multiplication by stopping the bacterial cells from producing folic acid. Pyrimethamine increases the levels of heme in the blood which is a substance that is toxic to the malarial parasite this kills the malarial parasite and stops the infection.
US Brand Name Reziz
Generic Name Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine
Other Brand Name Reziz
Packing 2
Manufacturer Plethico, Shreya Life Sciences
Form Tablets
Strength Sulphadoxine 500 mg/ Pyrimethamine 25 mg
Country India

  • 2 tab Sulphadoxine 500 mg/ Pyrimethamine 25 mg $1.58
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Sulphadoxine is used in the treatment for malarial and bacterial infections and the symptoms it can cause.

How it Works

Sulphadoxine is also known as an antibiotic. Sulphadoxine stops the bacteria in the bacterial infection from producing folic acid, Folic acid is a vitamin required for bacterial replication. Stopping the production of folic acid kills the bacterial cells thus stopping the bacterial infection.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Sulphadoxine include the symptoms below;

Skin rash,
Allergic reaction



Pyrimethamine is used in the treatment of malaria.

How it Works

Pyrimethamine is known as an antiparasite medicine. Pyrimethamine helps prevent parasites from growing and reproducing in the body. Pyrimethamine works by reaching high concentrations of the base that it is within the malarial parasite and causes accumulation of toxic heme pigment, which kills the malarial infection.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Pyrimethamine include the symptoms below;

Abnormal bruising,
Abnormal skin pigmentation,
Change in blood test results,