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Snake Venom Antiserum

Snake Venom Antiserum is obtained from the venom of a snake. Snake Venom Antiserum is composed of antibodies which i used for the treatment of venomous snake bites,
US Brand Name Snake Venom Antiserum
Generic Name Standard Cobra Venom/ Standard common krait Venom/ Standard Russels Viper Venom/ Saw-Scaled Viper Venom
Other Brand Name Snake Venom Antiserum
Packing 1
Manufacturer Bharat Serums & Vaccines
Form Antiserum
Strength Standard Cobra Venom 0.6mg/ Standard common krait Venom 0.45mg/ Standard Russels Viper Venom 0.6mg/ Saw-Scaled Viper Venom 0.45mg
Country India

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