Soliwax Ear Drops

Soliwax Ear Drops is used for pain relief, congestion and swelling which can be caused by middle ear inflammation. Soliwax Ear Drops is used to help remove ear wax build up and also works as an anesthetic to help numb pain.


Benzocaine/ Chlorbutol/ Paradichlorobenzene/ Turpentine Oil


10 ml

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Ear Drops

Benzocaine 2.7%w/v / Chlorbutol 5%w/v / Paradichlorobenzene 2%w/v / Turpentine Oil 15%w/v


Soliwax Ear Drops

Introduction to Soliwax Ear Drops

Soliwax Ear Drops are well known for helping manage ear wax and keeping the ears clean. Healthcare providers often suggest this product for its effectiveness in removing earwax.

Taking care of your ears is important for your health and quality of life. A buildup of ear wax can cause hearing problems, discomfort, and infections. It's essential to safely remove excess wax to avoid these issues and maintain clear hearing.

Composition of Soliwax Ear Drops

Components and their functions: Soliwax composition includes various essential elements like carbamide peroxide, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide, working together to soften and dissolve earwax.

  • Carbamide peroxide helps oxygenate and loosen the compacted earwax, while glycerin acts as a moisture-attracting agent to aid in its removal.

Additional ingredients in Soliwax: In addition to the ingredients, Soliwax also contains excipients that improve the stability and usability of the ear drops, ensuring their effectiveness and safety during application.

carbamide peroxide vs hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is generally used in concentrations and for shorter durations, whereas carbamide peroxide is commonly utilized in weaker concentrations over extended periods. This is due to the fact that carbamide peroxide decomposes, at a rate requiring a longer duration to achieve optimal effectiveness.

can you mix carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can also mix with carbamide, also known as urea, to create a crystalline substance. The main distinction lies in the time it takes for carbamide peroxide to take effect. While hydrogen peroxide works in 60 minutes, carbamide peroxide may require up to 4 hours. This is why it is commonly used and left on overnight.

carbamide peroxide teeth whitening

Carbamide peroxide is a compound that decomposes upon contact with water to release hydrogen peroxide. The primary chemical process involved in tooth whitening is the release of hydrogen peroxide from carbamide peroxide.

is carbamide peroxide safe

Carbamide peroxide is commonly regarded as safe. As this substance decomposes into hydrogen peroxide and urea, it is generally safe to ingest and does not typically result in harm. Nevertheless, it is essential to utilize the proper amount and method of carbamide peroxide application to avoid any potential adverse effects.

How Soliwax Ear Drops Work

The process of how ear wax's removed; When the drops touch the ear wax a fizzing reaction occurs, creating bubbles of oxygen that assist in loosening the wax from the walls of the ear canal.

how does carbamide peroxide work

When carbamide peroxide comes into contact with water or the outer surfaces of the ear and teeth, it produces hydrogen peroxide and free radicals.

Hydrogen peroxide has effects such as breaking down earwax, whitening enamel, and acting as an antiseptic. Using Soliwax for ear care offers advantages like preventing the buildup of earwax, decreasing the chances of ear infections and hearing loss, and supporting ear health.

carbamide peroxide otic

This medicine is prescribed for managing earwax. It aids in softening, loosening and eliminating the earwax. Excessive earwax may obstruct the ear canal. Impair hearing. When applied to the skin this medication releases oxygen begins to foam.

Uses of Soliwax Ear Drops

Main reasons for usage: Soliwax is mainly used to get rid of stuck earwax that may lead to discomfort, ringing in the ears, hearing issues, or infections.

Advantages, for ear cleanliness and well being; By keeping the ear canals clear Soliwax not just enhances hearing. It also promotes a healthier ear environment by reducing bacterial growth.

Off-Label Uses of Soliwax Ear Drops

Investigating applications: While Soliwax is commonly utilized for removing earwax certain professionals also utilize it to ease ear discomfort caused by changes in altitude or as a moisturizing solution for dry ears.

There have been studies examining the efficacy of Soliwax in treating ailments, beyond just wax accumulation.

Dosage and Administration of Soliwax Ear Drops

Dosage recommendations for age groups may vary, but they usually involve applying a few drops in the affected ear(s) twice a day as advised by a healthcare professional.

To administer the drops, tilt your head to one side, insert the drops into the ear, and hold the position for a minute to ensure deep penetration of the solution. Repeat on the side if needed.

how long to leave carbamide peroxide in ear

Insert the amount of drops into the ear canal. Once you've put in the drops, lie down with the ear facing up for about 5 minutes to allow them to stay inside the ear canal. You can place a cotton ball at the opening of your ear for up to 5 to 10 minutes to make sure the drops stay in place.

Administration of Soliwax to Specific Populations

  • Elderly individuals require care when it comes to ear health. It's important to handle Soliwax with caution in patients due to their delicate ear canals.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should consult healthcare professionals before using any ear drops even though Soliwax is generally considered safe.
  • When it comes to children under the age of three, it's advisable to seek guidance from pediatric experts for the appropriate dosage and safety measures while using Soliwax.

carbamide peroxide side effects

Here are some common minor side effects: Certain individuals might feel temporary discomfort, itching, or a sense of fullness in the ear.

Serious Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Identifying Serious Reactions

Although Soliwax Ear Drops are typically considered safe it's important to stay alert for any reactions after using them. Severe adverse effects could involve allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, significant irritation, ongoing pain and uncommon ear discharge. If you notice symptoms such as throat swelling or a rash near the ears, seek immediate medical assistance.

When to Seek Medical Help

If you have any symptoms or if mild symptoms continue or get worse for more than 24 hours, it's crucial to see a healthcare provider right away. Getting help early can help avoid complications and bring you some relief.

Interactions of Soliwax Ear Drops with Other Medications

Common Drug Interactions

When using Soliwax Ear Drops, be careful if you are also using ear drops or any medication that could make your skin more sensitive to irritation or allergic reactions.

Guidelines for Avoiding Harmful Interactions

  • Remember to let your doctor know about all the medications you're taking, including any over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements.
  • Follow the instructions closely to prevent any potential adverse reactions.

Contraindications and Warnings for Soliwax Ear Drops

Specific Health Conditions and Contraindications

People who have had an eardrum in the past ongoing ear infections or are highly sensitive to any ingredient in the ear drops should steer clear of using Soliwax. Moreover individuals experiencing skin reactions should seek advice, from their doctor before using the product.

Warnings for Use Under Certain Conditions

It is important to be extra careful when using this on people with immune systems as they are more vulnerable to infections and related issues.

carbamide peroxide ear infection

Avoid using carbamide peroxide if you have an eardrum or any symptoms of ear infection or injury such, as pain, warmth, swelling, discharge or bleeding.

Important Precautions When Using Soliwax Ear Drops

Safety Measures During Application

Make sure your hands and the area where you're applying the drops are clean and dry to avoid infection. Administer the drops without letting the dropper tip touch any surface such as the ear or your fingers.

Environmental Factors Affecting Use

Avoid using Soliwax in humid or possibly contaminated settings to maintain the product's effectiveness and safety.

Handling and Storage of Soliwax Ear Drops

Proper Storage Conditions

It's best to keep Soliwax in a dry spot away from sunlight and heat to ensure it stays chemically sound and works effectively.

Shelf Life and Disposal

The usual duration for Soliwax Ear Drops to remain effective is 2 years starting from the production date. Make sure to discard any unused or expired products in accordance with local regulations to safeguard the environment.

expired carbamide peroxide ear drops

If your ear drops have passed their expiration date, dispose of them. Avoid using expired ear drops as they may be tainted and lead to infections. Locarcorten VioformĀ® and Locorten VioformĀ® ear drops have the potential to leave stains on skin and clothing. Place a pillowcase or towel beneath your ear when administering the drops.

What to Do in Case of an Overdose of Soliwax

Symptoms of Overdose

Symptoms of an overdose could manifest as heightened fullness in the ears, irritation in the area, or feelings of discomfort. While systemic repercussions are uncommon because of absorption, it's recommended to stay vigilant.

Immediate Actions and Antidotes

If an overdose occurs, softly rinse the ear with water and avoid using more. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if symptoms continue.

Careful Administration of Soliwax Ear Drops

Techniques for Safe and Effective Application

To get the results, gently warm the bottle in your hands before using it to ensure that the drops feel more soothing when they touch your ear. Put in the advised amount of drops. Let the solution take effect for a few minutes by tilting your head or lying on one side.

Preventing Contamination and Infection

It's important not to share your ear drops with anyone, even if they seem to have the same symptoms, to avoid spreading infection.

Dealing with side effects at home: Many side effects are usually mild. Go away by themselves; but if the symptoms continue, its best to seek advice from a healthcare provider.

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