Generic Nizoral, Ketoconazole

Ketoconazole Shampoo/Lotion is an antifungal that is used to manage conditions such as tinea versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff.

Generic Nizoral, Nizoral shampoo, Dandrazol,

Ketoconazole,Ketoconazole IP 2%

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Ketoconazole Topical


Ketoconazole is used in the treatment of dandruff and fungal infections.

How it Works

Ketoconazole topical works by stopping the growth of fungus by preventing the fungus from making their protective covering, thus this kills the fungal cells and stops the infection from spreading.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Ketoconazoleγ€€may suffer from such side effects;

Burning on skin,
Dry or scaly skin


Available in the form of tablets for oral use and in form of solutions for shampoo as well as in tubes for topical application, Ketoconazole belongs to the group of antifungal agents. Although it is a potent drug, it has certain drug-drug interaction which will lead to side effects when consumed together, and hence the drug is given in antifungal treatment when other drugs are not effective.


Indicated in fungal infections, this drug can be given in case other effective anti-fungal drugs are not able to be tolerated and are not available. This drug can have potent action on fungal organisms, and hence given in many kinds of conditions of fungal infestations. For both systemic and skin fungal infections, there is possible use of this particular drug in both tablet and topical ointment and shampoo forms.

Dosage and administration

Tablets of strength 200 mg can be given in once daily or twice daily administration and for a short period of time, although in some chronic infection conditions, it can be given once daily for possibly 6 months or so. In children the dose has to be reduced. Such administration through oral route is meant to reduce the systemic manifestations of the disease. For topical fungal infections, shampoo of 2% strength once in a month or once in a week is applied on the scalp. Ointments can also be applied, available in tubes, for certain period of time as per the directions of the physicians.


Due to the propensity for the drug to cause liver toxicity, it should be avoided in patients with history of liver diseases. If at all the drug is given, regular measurements of the liver function tests should be done.
Since the drug interferes with the other drugs that can cause some heart abnormalities, it is important to keep the drug interactions in mind.
For skin usage, the drug is safer, but any kind of hypersensitivity or reactions of the skin should be immediately reported to the physician and the use should thus be controlled.

Side effects

Some patients on this drug will have side effects, while many others will not face any side effects. In such scenarios, it is to be observed that the administration through oral route will have certain side effects like,

liver toxicity
joint problems
liver cirrhosis
anaphylaxis shock

These may reflect the situation where the drug is to be withdrawn or in mild rashes or nausea cases, it can be continued. Some patients using shampoos can have local scalp irritation or itching and rashes, which if occurs in severe form, will require reduction of the frequency or the dose of administration.

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