Generic Grispeg, Griseofulvin

Griseofulvin is prescribed to help treat fungal infections of the skin, scalp, and nails.

Grispeg, Grifulvin V


Grusivin, Gabapin


VIP Pharma, Intas, GSK


250 mg




Griseofulvin is used in the treatment of fungal infections and nail infections.

How it Works

Griseofulvin is known as an antifungal medication. Griseofulvin kills the fungal infection by destroying the fungal cells. Griseofulvin is used to treat infections such as ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, and fungal infections of the scalp, fingernails, or toenails.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Griseofulvin can include the symptoms below;

Blistering skin
Joint or muscle pain,
Irritated eyes
Sore throat
Sores, ulcers, or white spots in the mouth/lips


This medication is an antifungal drug which is mostly used to treat fungal infections of skin, nail, and hair. This medication does not treat infection caused by bacteria. It works by inhibiting the growth of fungus.


Griseofulvin is mostly used in the treatment of fungal infections which appears on the skin, hair, and nails. It treats redness and scaling of the skin, discoloured nails, itching etc. It is also used to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch. This medication also helps to treat fungal infections of the scalp, finger nails, and toe nails.

Dosage and administration

This medication has to be taken orally at least once a day. Depending on the severity and as directed by the physician, the dosage may increase to four times a day. Usually, it is recommended by the doctors to continue with this medication for 2 to 4 weeks in case of skin infection and 4 to 6 weeks for hair and scalp infection. It is advised to take this medicine for the full course even if you start feeling better after the initial doses. Take this medicine exactly as directed by a physician, in case you miss any dose do not try to combine 2 doses at one time. Skip the missed dose and continue with the normal schedule.


In case you are allergic to any substance or develop allergies to any of the ingredients present in this medicine, then consult a doctor immediately.
Inform the doctor about the patient’s medical history such as liver ailments, blood disorders, lupus etc., prior to the intake of this medicine.
As this drug causes dizziness, therefore the patient should avoid work which requires alertness such as driving or using machines.
Do not smoke or consume alcohol while on medication as they may result in reduced effectiveness.
This medication can make your skin very sensitive to sun hence avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and wear protective clothes while going outside.
Do not take this medicine during pregnancy or if you are a breast feeding mother, however, if it is extremely important to have this medicine, then consult a doctor prior to intake.

Side effects

Griseofulvin has several side effects which are stated below:-

Severe headaches
Nausea and vomiting
Stomach upset and diarrhoea
Weakness and tiredness
Trouble sleeping
Mood swings
Pain in the muscles and joints
Rashes on the skin, nose, or cheeks
Hearing changes
Abdominal pain
Yellowing of the eyes
Sore throat
Changes in the colour and amount of urine

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