Generic Lamisil, Terbinafine

Terbinafine is an antifungal which is used to treat fungal infections on the skin. Terbinafine stops the growth of fungus by destroying fungal cells.

Generic Lamisil


Fungotek, Daskil, Terbikaa, Myco-Ter, Terbicip

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Terbinafine is known as an anti-fungal medicine which is used in the treatment of fungus infections.

How it Works

Terbinafine works by stopping the growth of fungus infections by preventing the fungi from making their protective covering thus destroying the cell and treating the infection caused by the fungus.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Terbinafine can include the symptoms below;

Abdominal pain,
Skin rash,
Increased liver enzymes,
Burning sensations,
Irritated skin


A popular medication, Terbinafine has been mostly in use for the treatment of fungal infections. Fungal infections within the nails and limbs can be properly controlled with the help of this drug. The drug has been proven to be a good anti-fungal agent. It works by inhibiting the key enzyme in the sterol biosynthetic pathway. After being absorbed through the intestine, it travels to the site of action to combat the fungal infection. It can be used in adults as well as in children, as prescribed by the doctor. It is available in tablet form.


This drug can be prescribed to patients suffering from fungal infections. In most cases, it works by inhibiting the production of sterol that makes the cell wall or outer layers of the cell membrane. When the outer layer is removed or unable to synthesize, the fungal cells cannot grow any further. It is a good drug for the treatment of fungal infections of the fingernails or toenails. It is also very effective for many other types of fungal infections.

Dosage and administration

Proper dosage is determined by the doctor, depending on the condition and severity. The doctor will also advise on the duration of drug administration. Usually, this medication is to consumed for up to 6 weeks for fungal infections at the fingernails, and up to 12 weeks for toenail infections. The doctor would advise you on the proper use of this medicine.


Inform the doctor if have any existing or past allergies to any substances as the medication may have such substances in its composition. In case you experience any allergies or discomfort while using this medication, stop using this medication and consult the doctor immediately.
Before being prescribed this medication, inform the doctor of your complete medical history, whether you suffer or have suffered from any liver ailments, kidney disease, immunological problems, diabetes, etc. The doctor would then determine if this medication is right for you.
Do not consume alcohol or tobacco while on this medication as they may reduce its effectiveness.
Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, and children are to use this medication only if it has been prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects

Side effects may occur with the use of this drug. Some common side effects include,

Stomach pain.
Gas and constipation.
Nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.
Skin rashes or itching.
Swelling of the face or throat.
Swelling of the hands and feet.
Liver enzyme abnormalities.

In case you experience any of the common side effects that are listed above, allergies, or discomfort while using this medication, stop using it and consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will then re-evaluate the use of this medication for you.

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Posted by Joe on Nov 27, 2017 Verified Purchase


It arrives. It works. Easy.

Note: does not imply any medical claims from this review.
Posted by MissCali on Oct 19, 2015 Verified Purchase

Worked wonders

I use this product to clear up toenail infection. It works very well and very fast. I will say it says leave a metallic taste in your mouth however with consistent regular use any food or toenail fungus will clear up in a few weeks.

Note: does not imply any medical claims from this review.

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