Oxalo  is used for the prevention of kidney stone formation. Oxalo  helps to break down calcium oxalate 


Oxalobacter formigenes/ Lactobacillus acidophilus/ Bifidobacterium lactis/ Bacillus coagulans




Hard Gelatin Capsule

Not less than 2.5 billion cells


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The effectiveness of Oxalo is based on its chosen active components designed to impact particular bodily processes. In addition to these ingredients, selected excipients play a role in improving the drug stability, how it is absorbed by the body, and how well patients can tolerate it. 

  • Composition: Contains Bacillus Coagulans, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Oxalobacter Formigenes.


Oxalo is known for its versatility in treating a range of health issues making it a valuable option in medical settings.

Off-Label Uses

In addition to its authorized uses, Oxalo is also being considered for treatments based on new research and innovative medical practices. Real-life stories and detailed accounts shed light on its effectiveness in situations that were not initially considered when it was approved by regulatory bodies. However, the ethical implications and regulatory views on these alternative uses require a well-informed strategy.

How It Works

The way Oxalo works is truly fascinating in the field of pharmacology as it focuses on receptors and enzymes within cells to produce its beneficial effects. This targeted approach, supported by its impact on how the body processes drugs, helps change disease processes, ultimately improving symptoms and slowing down the progression of illnesses. Research on pharmacokinetics sheds light on how Oxalo gets absorbed, distributed, broken down, and removed from the body, giving us an insight into how it interacts with the human system.

Dosage and Administration

Following the recommended dosing instructions is crucial for Oxalo to work effectively and reduce the chances of any reactions. Yet it's important to adjust the dosage based on factors like age, weight, and existing health conditions. Various methods of administering the medication, from taking it to delivering it intravenously, are designed to improve patient adherence and treatment results.

Side Effects

Oxalo is well known for its healing properties. It's crucial to be aware of the possible side effects to make informed healthcare choices. 

  • Side Effects:
    • Difficulty in breathing.
    • Gas.
    • Bloating.
    • Dizziness.

Important Precautions

Before starting Oxalo treatment, it's important to review the patient's medical history and current medications to prevent any issues. Regular monitoring, including lab tests helps in spotting and addressing any possible complications promptly. Patients should also think about making lifestyle and dietary changes that can support their treatment and improve the effectiveness of Oxalo.

9. Warnings

Starting treatment with Oxalo requires a grasp of its limitations, possible interactions with other drugs, and special considerations for certain groups of people. It is crucial to be vigilant in order to prioritize safety and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

9.1 Contraindication

Oxalo should not be used in patients who have conditions such as allergies to its ingredients, specific genetic issues, or serious kidney or liver problems. Using Oxalo in these situations could lead to effects highlighting the importance of thorough medical evaluation before giving the medication.

9.2 Interaction

  • When taking Oxalo it's important to be aware of how it might interact with medications as this could change how well they work or raise the chances of experiencing unwanted side effects.
  • Additionally certain foods can impact how Oxalo is absorbed and processed in the body so making adjustments to your diet may be necessary.
  • Moreover, existing health conditions can also play a role in how you behave in your system, which is why personalized treatment plans are crucial.

10. Administration to Special Populations

Special attention must be given when giving Oxalo to groups like elderly pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children, to guarantee effectiveness and safety.

10.1 Administration to Elderly

Older individuals might experience heightened sensitivity to Oxalo, requiring adjustments in dosage and close monitoring for any negative reactions. It is crucial to implement an evaluation of risks and a well-thought-out plan to handle the challenges associated with multiple medications and coexisting health conditions commonly found in this age group.

10.2 Administration to Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers

The safety of using Oxalo during pregnancy and breastfeeding is crucial. Guidelines and recommendations are carefully crafted using existing information to safeguard the health of mothers while reducing any harm to the baby.

10.3 Administration to Children

Kids need amounts of Oxalo based on their age tailored to their growth and health requirements. Providing effective treatment for children requires careful monitoring by medical professionals and following the recommended doses for kids.

11. Overdosage

In case of an overdose of Oxalo, it is important to identify the signs and symptoms. Taking action by using the right antidotes and providing necessary care can help minimize the impact of excessive exposure. Managing the situation in the term may require monitoring, for delayed effects and putting preventive measures in place to avoid future occurrences.

12. Storage

It's crucial to store Oxalo to keep it effective and prevent it from losing its potency. It is advised to store the medicine in conditions that maintain its effectiveness until the expiration date. Also, following guidelines for disposing of any unused medication can help prevent environmental harm and accidental misuse.

13. Handling Precautions

Both healthcare providers and patients need to follow safety guidelines when dealing with Oxalo. This involves taking steps to avoid contact and following specific procedures for its safe use, highlighting the significance of considering environmental safety in medical facilities and households.

14. Careful Administration

When dealing with cases, it's important to tailor the administration of Oxalo accordingly, especially when considering other health conditions. Keeping an eye on the patient and staying in touch regularly is crucial to quickly identify any negative reactions or treatment setbacks, making sure that the treatment goals are achieved while keeping the patient safe.

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