Protektor O Spot on

Protektor O Spot on is a rapid onset action that kills reinfestations with newly acquired adult fleas 

Protektor O Spot on


Protektor O Spot on

0.5ml, 0.67ml, 1.34ml, 2.68ml, 4.02ml

Alivira Animals Health Ltd.


9.7% w/v (for pet)




Protektor O Spot on is used n the treatment of ticks, lice and mites infestations on pets.

How it Works

Protektor O Spot on is known as a phenylpyrazole chemical, and it is known to exhibit toxic effects on insects.Protektor O Spot on works by attacking the nervous system of various ticks, lice and mites which infest the fur of dogs. Protektor O Spot on then helps to eliminate these insects and protect the animal against paralysis ticks, flea allergy dermatitis and other potential health problems caused by these infestations.

Common Side effects

Animals which use Protektor O Spot on may suffer from such side effects;

Skin rash

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