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  1. Levetiracetam Oral Solution

    Levetiracetam Oral Solution ( 100mg/ml Oral Solution 100ml )

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  • Verorab Rabies Vaccine

    Verorab Rabies Vaccine

    Generic Name: Purified Verocell vaccine, rabies (PVRV)
    Form: Vial + Syringe
    Strength: 2.5 IU x 1 dose
    Out of Stock.
  • Boostrix


    Generic Name: Diphtheria Toxoid/ Pertussis Toxoid/ Tetanus Toxoid
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 0.5ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Hiberix Injection

    Hiberix Injection

    Generic Name: Tetanus Toxoid
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 10mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Jeev Vaccine, Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus Protein

    Jeev Vaccine, Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus Protein

    Generic Name: Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus Protein
    Form: Vaccine
    Strength: 5mcg, 3mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Twinrix Syringe

    Twinrix Syringe

    Generic Name: Hepatitis A virus, Hepatitis B virus surface antigen
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: Freeze-dried Live Attenuated Hepatitis A Vaccine (720IU) + Hepatitis B Vaccine (rDNA) 20mg
    Out of Stock.
  • Varilrix Injection

    Varilrix Injection

    Generic Name: Varicella Vaccine (live) attenuated
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 2000 PFU/dose
    Out of Stock.
  • Gardasil Pre-filled Injection

    Gardasil Pre-filled Injection

    Generic Name: Quadrivalent human papillomavirus (types 6, 11, 16, 18) recombinant vaccine
    Form: Injection
    Strength: 0.5ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Hepatect CP Injection

    Hepatect CP Injection

    Generic Name: Human Hepatitis-B Immunoglobulin
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 100 IU 2ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Engerix-B Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Engerix-B Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Generic Name: Hepatitis B surface Antigen (Recombinant)
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 20mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Priorix Mono Dose Injection

    Priorix Mono Dose Injection

    Generic Name: Measles Vaccine (Live)/ Mumps Virus Vaccine/ Rubella vaccine (Live)
    Form: Injection
    Strength: Measles Vaccine (Live) (1000ccid50)/ Mumps Virus Vaccine (5000ccid50)/ Rubella vaccine (Live) (1000ccid50)
    Out of Stock.
  • Rotarix Oral Vaccine

    Rotarix Oral Vaccine

    Generic Name: Rotavirus vaccine (live attenuated,oral)
    Form: Oral Vaccine
    Strength: 1000000ccid50
    Out of Stock.
  • BCG Vaccine

    BCG Vaccine

    Generic Name: BCG Vaccine
    Form: Injection
    Out of Stock.
  • Fevac 3 Vaccine Injection

    Fevac 3 Vaccine Injection

    Generic Name: Inactivated Feline Panleucopa - Enia, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus
    Form: Vial
    Out of Stock.
  • Rabipur Injection

    Rabipur Injection

    Generic Name: Rabies antiserum
    Form: vial
    Strength: 2.5IU
    Out of Stock.
  • Cervarix Vaccine

    Cervarix Vaccine

    Generic Name: Human papillomavirus type 16 L1protien, Human papillomavirus type 18 L1protien
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 20 mcg/ 20 mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Fluarix Vaccine

    Fluarix Vaccine

    Generic Name: Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Split Virion)
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 15mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Havrix Injection

    Havrix Injection

    Generic Name: Hepatitis A Virus
    Form: Injection
    Strength: 720IU, 1440IU
    Out of Stock.
  • Typherix Syringe

    Typherix Syringe

    Generic Name: Salmonella typhi vaccine
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 25 mcg
    Out of Stock.
  • Mencevax ACWY Mono Dose  Injection

    Mencevax ACWY Mono Dose Injection

    Generic Name: Meningococcal Vaccine (Group A, C, Y & W-135)
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 50 mcg/0.5ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Tritanrix HB Inj

    Tritanrix HB Inj

    Generic Name: Diphtheria toxoid/ Hepatitis B surface antigen (recombinant)/ Pertussis antigens/ Tetanus toxoid
    Form: Injection
    Strength: Diphtheria toxoid 30 iu, Hepatitis B surface antigen (recombinant) 10 mcg/0.5 mL, Pertussis antigens 4 iu, Tetanus toxoid 60 iu/0.5ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Hepatitis-B Imm.Globulin Vaccine Injection

    Hepatitis-B Imm.Globulin Vaccine Injection

    Generic Name: Human hepatitis B Ig
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 200 IU
    Out of Stock.
  • Rebiff Vaccine Injection

    Rebiff Vaccine Injection

    Generic Name: Recombinant human interferon β-1a.
    Form: Syringe
    Strength: 22mcg, 44mcg x 0.5ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Fevac 4 Vaccine Injection

    Fevac 4 Vaccine Injection

    Generic Name: Inactivated Feline Rhinotracheitis - Calicivirus + Panleucopaenia & Chilamydia
    Form: Vial
    Strength: 1ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Berirab P

    Berirab P

    Generic Name: Human Rabies Immunoglobulin
    Form: Prefilled Syringe
    Strength: 300IU
    Out of Stock.

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