Generic Danocrine, Danazol

Danazol is prescribed to help manage symptoms of endometriosis, fibrocystic breast disease, or hereditary angioedema.

Generic Danocrine, Danol




Cipla, Aronex Life Sciences


50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg



Danazol has a variety of uses, including the treatment of endometriosis,mennorhagia, symptomatic fibrocystic breast disease and hereditary angioedema.
How it Works
Danazol active component is called 17-alpha-ethinyl which is a type of modified progestogen. Danazol is used as a treatment for endometriosis, it causes the endometrial tissue to become atrophic and inactive, leading to the treatment of endometrial lesions in most patients. Danazol also works by altering the levels of hormones in the body.
Common Side effects
Patients who take Danazol may suffer from such side effects; Breast size reduction, Sweating, Oily skin, Headache, Hoarseness of voice, Increased hair growth, Edema, Weight gain, Acne, Hot flushes, Altered libido, Muscle cramp
The Danazol drug is the drug that is having marketing technology in the generic drug. It is used in the treatment of endometrosis. It is generally used in the treatment of sexual related problems and in lowering the pain. The drug is designed by Cipla. It is having the US brand name as Danocrine and the other brand name as Danogen. It is usually made in the form of tablet and available in the various strengths like 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg. It is usually having high dosage compare to the other drugs. It is used in the treatment of sexual precocity.
The main component of this drug is DANAZOL. It is a crystalline powder that is mostly pale yellow in color. It is a water insoluble substance. The molecular weight of this substance is 337.46. Inactive components of this drug are magnesium stearate, sodium sulfate, corn starch, titanium dioxide, and lactose.
The drug is mainly used to the sexual related problems. It is used to block the hormones in the ovaries. It is used to avoid the side effects before the surgery. It is having the application in avoiding the pain occurs in various human parts.
Dosage and administration
The dosage should be given as per the advice of the doctors. You should strictly follow the dietary conditions in the doctor's manual. It can be added with the other medicines will be decided by the expert doctors. In the initial period you have to take the dosage 30-40 mg and then you can slowly increase the dosage up to 200 mg. The instructions are given by the doctors. If you have any surgery you can take 50 mg. It is depends on the period timings of women that is prescribed by the pharmacist. The children can take 50-60 mg.
You should consult with the doctors before taking any medicines. You should not share your medicines to others. It is also noted that you should follow the necessary food conditions and the exercises given by the doctors. You do not take the double dosage at the same time.
Important Precautions
If you are taking the medication you should not drive of vehicles since the side effects causes at any time. You should avoid for at least three months from the treatment started. It is advised that if you are pregnant you should consult with the doctors before using the medicines since it will affect the new born babies.
Side effects
In case of any over dosage it will cause head-ache, and skin related problems in the human. You may suffered by some conditions like food back and vomiting problems. Most of the people are affected by motion problems if the dosage is not taken properly. You should contact with the medical centers in case of any emergencies. Some people are facing liver problems and irritation in the vaginal opening.
The drug could be stored in the temperature range 23-25 degrees. It should be kept away from the children and pets in your home. It should not be kept in the sunlight and the moisture conditions and it will not be stored in the heat or cold.

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