Generic Regranex, Becaplermin Gel

Becaplermin is used for the treatment of lower limbs ulcers in people suffering with diabetes. Becaplermin is known as a human platelet-derived growth factor, this assists wound healing. Becaplermin works by helping to repair and replace dead skin.

Generic Regranex



7.5 g, 15 g

Dr Reddy's Laboratorie


0.01% (100 mcg/g)



Becaplermin is used in the treatment of healing skin ulcers of the lower legs or feet caused by diabetes
How it Works
Becaplermin is known as a wound-healing agent. It works by helping the body to form cells and allow skin regeneration in areas involved in wound healing and tissue growth.
Common Side effects
Patients who take Becaplermin may suffer from such side effects; Skin ulcer Reddened skin Skin rash

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