Diltigesic Organogel, Diltiazem

Diltigesic Organo Gel is used in the treatment of anal fissure.

Diltigesic Organo Gel


Diltigesic Organo Gel


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Diltigesic Organo Gel is used in the treatment of chronic anal fissure and the pain it can cause. Diltigesic Organo Gel contains the active ingredient Diltiazem which helps in the pain relieve in anal seizures.

How it Works

Diltigesic Organo Gel works by providing relieve from pain caused by anal fissure. Diltigesic organo gel does this  by blocking the action of calcium on blood vessels of the anus near the anal fissure. Blood vessels are then relaxed which allows the fissure or tear in the anal region to heal and thus this relieves pain.

Common Side effects

Some of the side effects that can be experienced while using Diltigesic Organo Gel are 

Dizzinesslightheadednessheadachescephalalgiaperianal dermatitis

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Posted by Cara on Apr 27, 2019 Verified Purchase

Anal fissures almost healed thanks to diltigesic!

Really pleased with the results.

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