Pet Care
  • Pet Care
  • 寵物護理

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Pet Care

  • Nayflee Spray, Fipronil

    Nayflee Spray, Fipronil

    Generic Name:Fipronil
    Strength:0.25% wv for pet
  • Nefrotec DS

    Nefrotec DS

    Generic Name:Shilapushpa leaves and other ayurvedic medicines
    Strength:for pet
  • Calci+ Animal Feed Supplement

    Calci+ Animal Feed Supplement

    Generic Name:Calcium/ Phosphorous/ Vitamin B12/ Vitamin D3
    Form:Animal Feed Supplement
    Strength:(Per 20ml) Calcium 350mg/ Phosphorous 280mg/ Vitamin B12 20mcg/ Vitamin D3 150IU
  • Negasunt powder

    Negasunt powder

    Generic Name:Coumaphos / Propoxur / Sulphanilamide
    Strength:3% / 2% / 5% for pet
  • Caldoz Supplement for Pets

    Caldoz Supplement for Pets

    Generic Name:Calcium/ Phosphorus/ Magnesium/ Vitamin D/ Vitamin B12/ Iron/ Alfalfa
    Strength:Calcium 500mg/ Phosphorus 300mg/ Magnesium 20mg/ Vitamin D 2500IU/ Vitamin B12 10mcg/ Iron 3mg/ Alfalfa 60mg
  • Neomec, Ivermectin

    Neomec, Ivermectin

    Generic Name:Ivermectin
    Strength:10mg for pet
  • Calm Ear Drops for Pets

    Calm Ear Drops for Pets

    Generic Name:Ofloxiacin/ Beclomethasone Dipropionate/ Clotrimazole/ Lignocaine
    Form:Ear Drops for Pets
    Strength:Ofloxiacin 0.3%w/v/ Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.025w/v/ Clotrimazole 1%w/v/ Lignocaine 2%w/v
  • Nervewin Forte

    Nervewin Forte

    Generic Name:Calcium / Nicotiamide / Cyanocobalamin/ Pyridoxine / Thiamine
    Strength:Nervine tonic for pet
  • Beaphar Calming Spot On for Dogs and Cats

    Beaphar Calming Spot On for Dogs and Cats

    Generic Name:Natural Valerian Extract
    Form:Spot On for Dogs and Cats
  • Calmurofel for Cats

    Calmurofel for Cats

    Generic Name:Glucosamine HCI/ Gelatin/ Chondroitin Sulphate/ Oralvisc/ L-Tryptophan
    Strength:Glucosamine HCI 125mg/ Gelatin 60mg/ Chondroitin Sulphate 20mg/ Oralvisc 10mg/ L-Tryptophan 37.5mg
  • Newcharm Multiaction skin gel

    Newcharm Multiaction skin gel

    Generic Name:Ayurvedic medicine
    Strength:for pet
  • Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs and Cats

    Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs and Cats

    Generic Name:Soy Oil/ Inactivated Yeast/ Lupin Protein Meal/ Glucose/ Sodium Chloride/ Disodium Phosphate/ Sunflower Oil
    Form:Paste for Dogs and Cats (filled in disposable syringe)
  • Nutricoat Nutrtional suppliment

    Nutricoat Nutrtional suppliment

    Generic Name:Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid and other viamins
    Form:Oral suspension
    Strength:for pet
  • Nutrigroom Oral Spray

    Nutrigroom Oral Spray

    Generic Name:Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid and others
    Form:Oral Spray
    Strength:for pet
  • Nutrisam 365

    Nutrisam 365

    Generic Name:Vitamins and minerals
    Strength:for pet
  • Beauti Fur Coat Conditioner for Animals

    Beauti Fur Coat Conditioner for Animals

    Generic Name:Kokum butter/ beeswax/ stearic acid/ triethanolamine/ cetostearyl alcohol/ refined coconut oil/ peg-400 monostearate/ phenoxyethanol/ aloevera extract/ calendula extract/ Jojoba oil/ emolid (natural emolient)/ purified water/ mango fragrance
    Form:Coat Conditioner for Animals
  • Ocoxin Oral Solution

    Ocoxin Oral Solution

    Generic Name:Anti-oxidants, Immunomodulators
    Form:Oral Solution
    Strength:for pet
  • Oesozole, Pantoprazole

    Oesozole, Pantoprazole

    Generic Name:Pantoprazole
    Strength:40mg for pet