Generic Sermion, Nicergoline

Nicergoline is used in the treatment of dementia. Nicergoline works to increase the blood flow to the brain which increases the utilization of oxygen and glucose uptake by brain cells.

Generic Sermion




Pharmaia, Inga Laboratories


5 mg, 30 mg



Nicergoline is used in the treatment of acute attacks of migraine and raynaud's disease.
How it Works
Nicergoline works by constricting or narrowing blood vessels in the head, thereby relieving the migraine headaches. This is because migraine headaches mostly are thought to result from the dilatation of blood vessels in the head. Thus Nicergoline helps to relieve these attacks.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Nicergoline include the symptoms below; Fatigue, Agitation, Muscle pain, Restlessness, Hot flushes, Nausea, Vomiting, Altered taste, Sleep disturbance, Dizziness
This medicine is a neurodegenerative disease drug, meaning this drug is used to alleviate conditions in the neurovascular system brought about by aging. It is also an antivertigo drug, cerebral activator, and vasodilator. The generic name of this drug is nicergoline. This is the main content or ingredient of Sermion. Nicergoline is used by over 50 countries for over a decade now.
The main component of this drug is Nicergoline which includes a-adrenergic blocking activity and produces vasodilatation which can aid at treating dementia and other vascular disorders. This can be taken in orally in 5mg or 30 mg strength to help increase the flow of blood in the artery.
Sermion is produce to treat various conditions such as mental degeneration brought about by aging, dementia of different types both senile and presenile, dizziness, mood swings, tinnitus or ringing sensation in the ear, sleep walking or somnambulism, Parkinson

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